‘Mover’: No problem in goods delivery to Azerbaijan

19:08 12-01-2018

‘Mover’: No problem in goods delivery to Azerbaijan

“We’re not experiencing any problem in delivering goods from foreign countries to Azerbaijan. We engage in the delivery of online purchases and have not faced any problem so far,” Mover LLC told APA-Economics, in response to reports that there are problems with crossing goods from the customs checkpoint.


“Our company has crossed goods from Turkey through the border with no problem at all. It is just required that there be no issues with documents,” the company said.


The company also informed that orders are received from Turkey according to the previous schedule and are delivered to the Baku storage twice a week.


“Additional information about our company and the shipment service can be obtained at”


Another company, “Barami”, have sent messages to its clients informing them that the receipt of orders from the US and England has stopped.


“Camex” company, on the other hand, refuses to comment on the matter but does not receive orders from Turkey and does not specify the exact dates of delivery for goods from other countries. 

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