Azerbaijan calculating compulsory health insurance fees

14:09 14-06-2018

Azerbaijan calculating compulsory health insurance fees

In the internationally adopted model, citizens are involved in the implementation of compulsory health insurance, Azerbaijani Deputy Prime Minister Ali Ahmadov said on Thursday, APA reports.


Ahmadov said that in Azerbaijan working citizens will pay certain wages from their wages, while those who are unemployed and engaged in business will contribute to health insurance to a certain degree.


"But people of some categories, such as pensioners, children and the disabled, will be exempt from paying compulsory health insurance, and theirs will be paid by govenrment” the deputy PM said. “We will try to ensure that the initial and subsequent phases of compulsory health insurance are not a burden on our people. At the same time, it is necessary to make sure that compulsory health insurance is capable of providing real medical services. These two points must be taken together.”


Calculations are underway on compulsory health insurance fees, said Ahmadov, adding. “The Ministry of Finance and the Mandatory Medical Insurance Agency are seriously working on this issue. I think that in a few months all the documents will be ready.”  

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