SEPAH: Those creating trouble in Iran to face strict punishment

19:10 03-01-2018

SEPAH: Those creating trouble in Iran to face strict punishment

‘We can today say that the protests happened in 1396 (the New Year comes on March 21 in Iran) have come to an end. I declare the defeat of this riot’, Lieutenant General Mohammad Ali Jafari, commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC - SEPAH) said, APA’s Tehran bureau reported.


Jafari said that the US, Zionists and Al-Saud gave instruction to ISIL to enter Iran: ‘Some groups of ISIL entered the country to organize riots and commit explosions. Some believe that if they are friends with the US, they will be strong from an economic point of view. We advise these people to look at Egypt, who sacrificed everything for the sake of friendship with the United States’.


Jafari said that they saw how the plans of killing people during the happenings in Gahdrijan, Iza and Najafabad were being built: "Murders were committed among the people. During the last provocation, IRGC limitedly intervened in the action only in 3 provinces - Isfahan, Lorestan and Hamadan. In large cities, the number of people attending in the protests was 1,500 people. The number of participants in the riots across the country was 15,000 people. Majority of those who were in the centre of the provocation was people who had been trained in factions that were contrary to the spirit of the Revolution. All of them were arrested and will face strict punishment. "


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