Moldovan court suspends president's powers over minister refusal

22:26 02-01-2018

Moldovan court suspends president's powers over minister refusal

The Moldovan constitutional court temporarily suspended the powers of President Igor Dodon on Tuesday following his refusal to approve the appointment of several pro-Europe ministers, APA reports quoting AFP.

Dodon, a figurehead leader who backs closer ties with Russia, repeatedly refused at the end of December to appoint five ministers and two deputy ministers put forward by his pro-EU Prime Minister Pavel Filip.

However, the court said "the president has the right to refuse to approve the candidacy of a member of the government just one time" as it announced the "temporary suspension" of his powers.

The appointment of the seven ministers will be made on January 5 by the prime minister or the speaker of parliament Andrian Candu, the court said.

Dodon hit back in a Facebook post, calling the decision a "serious violation of judicial procedures", accusing the constitutional court of entering "the grey zone of democracy".

"It is a dishonourable and regrettable fall from grace for a democratic state," he added, promising "not to give in".

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